Sound & Light


AUDIO and/or VISUAL (projector)


Consider lighting to easily create an ambience. Consider a good sound system with wireless handheld microphones for speeches (incl. nikkah).


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The choice of sound system only applies if your venue isn't able to supply access to their integrated system or it may not have one in place. It's essential to have a good clear system otherwise can be frustrating for guests and speakers alike if they cannot be heard at the crucial announcements including Nikkah ceremony.

With regards to visuals, consider a decent Projector and Screen hire if you plan to show any visuals, cutting corners here will result in the novelty of screening any planned video/slideshow as defunct and cause unnecessary disappointment given the time invested in no doubt compiling the footage/clips.

TIP: Consider use of decorative lighting to create ambience or even dramatically change the appearance of a room, however note implications on the photography, so shouldn't be used at all times eg. only confine to dining time perhaps or architectural features only.

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