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LUXURY HALAL TRAVEL destinations and HAJJ / UMRAH trips.


Consideration to time of the year, budget, scope to have a short break followed by a longer trip at a latter date.


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The choice of 'honeymoon' naturally may depend on preference on location, culture and tradition - in addition to budget. However do consider the option of a blessed alternative, embarking upon Umrah - and the option for adding additional days thereafter or even a trip at a latter date. We've seen many couples being flexible instead of the supposed tradition of 'going away' immediately after getting married.

Popular destinations include the Middle East and Far East Asia. One of our dedicated Travel Partners summarise their offering: "Our halal friendly ethos is based around our halal friendly experience award, our exclusive benchmark for hoteliers welcoming Muslim guests encompassing food preparation, levels of privacy, prayer facilities, non-alcoholic rooms and Muslim friendly activities."

Get in touch for an introduction to our Partners to discuss an exclusive Halal Honeymoon package.

SUGGESTIONS: Umrah / Hajj. Far East destinations incl. Singapore, Malaysia, Maldives, Seychelles.

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