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TRADITIONAL NIKKAH SERVICE (incl. renowned Imam), RECITATION (Hassen Rasool)


Consider a good sound system with wireless handheld microphones for speeches (incl. nikkah).


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The Nikkah ceremony is ultimately THE Muslim Wedding! Should you wish to have that aspect as part of the day's proceeding then it's essential to have a good clear Sound/Audio system otherwise can be frustrating for guests and speakers alike if they cannot be heard at the crucial announcements including Nikkah ceremony.

With regards to the nature of the ceremony that would typically include rectiation and post-ceremony talk on the importance of Marriage in Islam. Get in touch for us to book a consultation with an Imam and/or special recitation service.

TIP: Consider a consultation with the Imam beforehand to discuss requirements, eg. potential need for an English translation, being mindful of your guests.

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