A wide range of Jewellers to suit all budgets including bespoke and costume pieces.


Beyond traditional Gold and Silver there are other precious metals to consider for rings such as Platinum. For decorative sets there has been a wider range of Swarovski sets to consider.


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A choice traditionally for the Bride, and a noticable variation between cultures across the Muslim communities, with Asian Brides being renowned for their gold and opulent look to match their outfits, from bangles through to necklaces, earrings and head pieces.

Through My Muslim Wedding we have links to leading Suppliers of Jewellery sets, from ready to wear through to bespoke pieces (for him and her). We have rings for the Groom, in addition to exclusive cuff links and more.

Get in touch to arrange a consultation to discuss your requirements for the big day for either or both, the bride and groom.

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